Roll. Bounce… or just stand.

It was the late 80’s and Sunday nights were my time for worship.  I lived approximately 7 miles from the fellowship facility, but it seemed to be 70 miles because we had no car. I would start calling friends for a ride on Friday because I wanted to save Sunday afternoon for choosing an outfit. It was serious.  There was no place that made me feel … Continue reading Roll. Bounce… or just stand.

Welcome to the Gun Show

Warning: Unfettered thought train ahead! December.  It all started in Nashville with a simple vote to cancel a 35-year tradition of gun shows at the TN Fairgrounds.  Then, in a tragic twist, two cities in our America experience mass shootings at the hands of its own. And let us not forget the ongoing internal war that is Chicago; the mayor, Laquan McDonald, and the city’s weekly … Continue reading Welcome to the Gun Show