Welcome to the Gun Show

Warning: Unfettered thought train ahead!

December.  It all started in Nashville with a simple vote to cancel a 35-year tradition of gun shows at the TN Fairgrounds.  Then, in a tragic twist, two cities in our America experience mass shootings at the hands of its own. And let us not forget the ongoing internal war that is Chicago; the mayor, Laquan McDonald, and the city’s weekly “mass” shootings. And it’s just December 3rd!

Do we have a gun problem or a heart problem? Is this issue really as simple as whether or not you support the 2nd amendment?

Do we only care about gun-toting hate when it sneaks up on our comfort level and targets those going about lives similar to our own? (Because Chicago)

Are we proponents of gun freedom only when the gun owners don’t look like my father and grandfather? (See jail system)

For you TN gun show goers, you now have fresh blood on the streets that validate its very political eradication. While its hard for me to advocate for gun shows while our nation grieves for the fallen innocent, it is not difficult at all to mourn the beginning of the end of the fairgrounds as we know it.

If you are still reading this roller coaster of thought you, no doubt, think I’m a flake.  Too bad. I’m not overly anything about guns – pro or nah – knock yourselves out over this issue. However,  I wholeheartedly believe that the gun discussion has race and class undertones at the foundation of both sides of the argument. I also believe that the removal of gun shows in Nashville is a strategically palatable blow to the fall of the fairgrounds.

I’m just desperately seeking peace and love in this season of peace and love.

God bless the people of San Bernardino and Savannah.  God bless America.

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