Roll. Bounce… or just stand.

It was the late 80’s and Sunday nights were my time for worship.  I lived approximately 7 miles from the fellowship facility, but it seemed to be 70 miles because we had no car.

I would start calling friends for a ride on Friday because I wanted to save Sunday afternoon for choosing an outfit. It was serious.  There was no place that made me feel peaceful, confident and happy.  The lights, the smells, the guys, the dancing, and the MUSIC. The music.

I went back in time last night as I visited my old stomping grounds; place of worship. Rivergate Skate Center.  Ahhh, the place that sucked out the gloom week after week and replaced it with pure joy!  I couldn’t believe I was back in that place.  Same lights, same smells and SCREEEEEEEEEECH!


First, my daughter had to help me take off my boots.  And, oh yeah, I went with my 20 year old daughter.  Second,  I had to learn to balance on the same skates (those skates were at least 30 yrs old) with an additional ## lbs. Third, the DJ was nicknamed Granny. Fourth, the guys – well, what guys, I’m married!  Fifth, my first roll around the rink was met with some strange pain in my hip.  Then my calves.  Then my thighs.  Did I say my back?  I went on a Wednesday night.   Because, you know, there are no other options for the old and fluffy.

Ol Skool

With the extra fluff, aches and pains, I tackled the hardwood with zero poise, yet somehow remained upright.  The music – ole skool- was not as awesome as I remembered or maybe my trepidation muted the bass lines that would normally get me going.  Rolling.  Bouncing.  I became acquainted with areas of the skate center traditionally reserved for lame-o’s.  Those who stand and watch the cool people.  Once I was a cool people.  Now, I’m a card-carrying lame-o.

Still, the best part of the whole night was time with my girl and watching her have fun.  And I didn’t embarrass her.  So, even though I felt each of the 25 years since I last skated successfully, I exited those doors popping with pure joy.  Some things never change.


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