Dollars and Sense

Rounding out his first 90 days, director of schools Dr. Joseph is on a search and find mission to eliminate waste. Led by numbers wonk Chris Henson, an internal committee loaded with MNPS staff, Metro Government finance staffers and a Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce representative will perform exploratory surgery on the $800 million dollar budget. The committee is also charged with auditing every contract $100,000 and greater. Sounds like a blast.

According to MNPS’ blog, the motivation behind the assessment is to align dollars with priorities of the current administration.  Makes sense.

“My first day in Metro Schools was also the first day of the fiscal year, and my team and I found ourselves in charge of a budget we didn’t design that was built around priorities we didn’t set,” said Dr. Joseph.

I’m particularly impressed to see this taking place in the October as opposed to January!  I like the good doctor’s direction.

We may even confirm or deny the played out narrative of charter schools’ drain on traditional schools. We’ll be waiting…

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