Cincy Bound, For the Babies

150 perfect strangers bound together by the love for America’s children, our future. Because for our children we permit ourselves to dream the best dreams for our country.

Our visions are magnificent! And though we may have missed the mark, we revel in the beauty of transferring the dream to the next generation. For a dream deferred is not dead.

We are good knowing that today’s sacrifices make for tomorrow’s proud returns. 

We will rest well on the understanding that we fought the good fight and left it all on the battlefield. 

Our children deserve every ounce of fight and worry and love and attention and debate that we have at our disposal. 

Parents: I fought (and fight, still) for my children. I stand with you in the fight for yours. Understand your power and use it wisely. 

NAACP:  if not for the babies, then who?

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