NAACP: Hell No We Won’t Go! (Remember this?)

There is no shortage of school choice proponents willing to let the NAACP off the hook for siding with union bosses against parents desperate for quality education choices for their children. We’re still mad as hell and rightfully so.

Here, parent Cheryl Kirk of Indianapolis, blasts the NAACP and anyone expecting parents to wait for quality education within the traditional system. She says, no, we are not willing to wait!

The NAACP is proposing that poor and minority parents leave their children in zip code assigned failing schools because of the damage school choice – well, charters- does to the infrastructure of the traditional public schools. But what about the damage already being done to our kids?

In this article, Izzy Ortega, senior writer for Opportunity Lives, offers a compelling case supporting the notion that the NAACP is no longer the organization it was created to be.

In the end, politics triumphed over common sense, decency and justice. And while the outcome was never in doubt, there was still hope that voices such as Janet Griggs from Houston, Texas could persuade one of the most respected and oldest civil rights organizations in our country to live up to its creed of advancing the rights and opportunities of African-Americans everywhere.

Here, Charles Cole III, educator, writer and NAACP member takes a different approach and apologizes to the Memphis Lift parents who traveled to Cincinnati to protest the NAACP’s charter moratorium. (More about that in an earlier Volume and Light post)

…I am an ardent supporter of your right to make a choice on your own. I believe that you deserve a level of dignity and agency when it comes to how your children are educated. I believe you deserve the right to have an option when one system or school is not up to your standards.

LaborPains.Org  -well, this kinda speaks for itself, don’t you think? Check out this blog about NAACP and NEA/AFT joining forces against America’s children.

So egregious is the union-led opposition to school choice that The New York Times’ editorial board called the NAACP’s resolution “misguided” and “nonsensical,” joining The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post in deriding charter school opponents.

In this blog, Citizen Ed illuminates the politics over people dynamic and the NAACP’s deviation from its original mission.

Rather than ignoring results and showcasing stereotypes, the NAACP should speak in one united voice that all Black lives and all Black families matter. To suggest that Black families should not have unmitigated access to quality public education shows how far away the NAACP has strayed from its noble inception.

I’m closing this post with another #powerfulparent voice. Gwen Samuel, founder and president of Connecticut Parent’s Union expresses, in no uncertain terms, Black parents’ dependence on urgency and quality choices while indifferent to format.

Again, all schools need to be great safe schools, that treat Black kids with dignity and respecting the rights of parents to do what is in the best interest of their child, regardless of zip code!



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