#YesOn2MA – Extending the Love to Children of Color

Dear Massachusetts voters:

Thanks to social media the line of demarcation between the North and South is virtually nonexistent, so your battle to place a cap on charters makes me feel right at home.

While Tennesseans enjoy a legislature that is friendly to charters, those of us living in the capital city of Nashville stand ready to jump the next nonsensical hurdle; or thinly veiled attempt to cap charters. For those of you fighting for #Yeson2MA – I feel your pain.

At the heart of the fight for charters across the country is a movement to increase high quality choices for children of color and of limited means. However, the pictures coming out of MA relating to the fight for caps show a side of your great state that is alarming to this Southerner. All white people. Fighting. To cap charters. Yikes!

Not even being on this side of the the Mason-Dixon line prepared me for the #NoOn2 images. Interestingly, I’m not alone…

So, not only are they white, but affluent, too. Double Yikes!

If charters are working for families on the fringes, how does one explain pouring resources into a battle that works against them? Are your charter schools hurting children?

So, you have the highest performing charters in the United States effectively changing the lives of children of color and in poverty.

I’m sorry, what’s your fight about?


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