For Dr. Joseph It’s All Tricks No Treats

Dr. Joseph is a wanted man. Yet, he’s making decisions befitting someone who has the luxury of privilege and second chances. Still, to my knowledge, no high-ranking government official in Nashville has been so solidly targeted. Is it charters? Collective bargaining? Did he tick off a board member? All of the above?

There are so many questions about the barrage of media attacks on Dr. Joseph. Though one thing is certain, there’s a direct pipeline from the district to the media documenting his every move, to wit, NewsChannel5 investigative reporter Phil Williams has built an entire series around the already embattled director. 

At first, I was incensed that media can be so easily lured into someone’s or something’s web spun specifically to annihilate Dr. Joseph’s job. I’ve since redirected my ire towards the spider(s); and not the superhero kind.

Disclosure: this blog is NOT a Dr. Joseph fan club platform – even though I’ve dedicated two other posts the man (here and here). It is, however, a space to spotlight injustices and I believe the treatment of our city’s new director falls squarely into that category. 

If you need a recap, see the unprecedented list of negative stories about Dr. Shawn Joseph in his first 122 days:

Here, WSMV and NewsChannel5 call out the director for hiring district workers to hang a picture in his home. Complete with emails. 

More from NewsChannel5 on Dr. Joseph’s directive to freeze all travel. 

Here again, NewsChannel5 blasts the director for contracts. 

And again… NewsChannel5 interviews board chair Anna Shepherd about the director’s spending. 

In this WSMV interview, the director on the job less than three months is forced to defend his hires. 

Diane Ravitch – witch hunt enough said. 

The Tennessean’s Frank Daniels (recently let go from his job in a string of Gannet layoffs) announced the end of Dr. Joseph’s honeymoon stage. I contend that he was never afforded one. 


3 thoughts on “For Dr. Joseph It’s All Tricks No Treats

  1. Expose these people, its no one but disgruntled employees from Jay and Jesse’s regime. Jay was white wannabe privilege from a checkered Kentucky background that had a fit when they reniged on making him interim director and now he’s using people within the district to get vengence. From a drug related blogger who wants attention and it seems that he is in fact a racist man that can’t accept that a black man is now his wife’s leader. Well in order for Nashville to continue to be the “It” city in the South they must accept all. They accepted Jay with his clandestine lifestyle ,Jesse’s womanizing and business monopolizing(GCA).


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