TN NAACP State Conference Sides With Local Families

Chalkbeat’s Laura Faith Kebede writes about the NAACP Tennessee State Conference boldly choosing to stand with local families for high quality choices by rejecting their national leadership’s moratorium on charters.

Tennessee NAACP conference president Gloria Sweet-Love echoing my own sentiment, notes charter issues around the nation do not reflect what is happening in our state – specifically, Nashville and Memphis. As I penned in an open letter to the NAACP -Nashville chapter: “…Metro Schools is not a district with a charter problem. In fact, for more than a decade charters have provided a great assist to the district.”

It takes the intestinal fortitude of steel to publicly stand in opposition to your organization’s ratified resolution — unless you are surrounded by these faces and passion:


I cannot be unconvinced that The Memphis Lift is completely responsible for the TN NAACP’s change of heart. I firmly believe in the power of these #powerfulparents, but more importantly, they believe in their own power.

I am bubbling with gratitude to the TN NAACP State Conference for refusing to reject parent voices in our state.


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