An Intervention Trifecta Puts This Blogger in Her Place

I did it this time…

It’s certainly not one of my prouder moments; allowing the earth-shattering election results to negatively affect my social media behavior. Shock and paralyzing fear will do that to you.

So I’ve seen the error of my ways. Thanks, in part, to an email from a former boss and friend (his intervening was clearly an intervention), a conference call with bloggers around the country, and finally, an asthma attack that warranted physical inactivity, thereby, forcing me to reconcile my feelings on the presidential election. The triage resulted in an awakening, of sorts. 

Here’s my latest Facebook post:

Stepping back to clean my mess. 

I’m accepting responsibility for posting incendiary statements on my Facebook page. I do not apologize for what I said as the statements are my truth. However, in hindsight, it was irresponsible for me push out unfiltered thoughts and feelings to such a diverse audience during a time of political upheaval. 

In the past, I’ve acknowledged the blessing that is my diverse FB community. Well that beautiful community is at war due entirely to my carelessness. 
Don’t get it twisted– I’m still pissed, but I’m no agitator; at least not intentionally…

The end of this post identifies friends caught in the crossfire of my ire as represented in the post. 

Still reconciling…

Still unpacking…

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