Desperately Seeking Better Days and the Words to Talk About Them

Stunned. Angry. Sick… 

These three words succinctly yet sufficiently describes the brutal process by which I internalized Election 2016’s results for the President of the United States. Currently, I’m uncomfortably resting at the sick stage.

In this stage, I find myself with little to say and burdened by the lack of desire to even try. Volume and Light’s author is empty. Devoid of hope and, dare I say, light. 

Though, I do appreciate the accidental social media tribe formed out of sheer disbelief in the outcome of Tuesday’s election. The range of emotions are as extreme as Life’s greatest motivators – love and hate. 

Facebook and Twitter are littered with cries of outright rejection (#notmypresidentelect) to affirmations of hope, faith, and unity. In the middle, are those seeking to make sense of their new reality through the use and massaging of empirical data.

Maybe I’m an outlier. I’m angry and fearful, but just short of rejecting my new POTUS. However, it would take an act of The Great Spirit to inject hope and faith directly into my veins nonstop for many, many days. Like, a lot of days. 

Here’s to better days and finding the words and desire to talk about them. 


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