Shelby County Tennessee Superintendent Offers Aggressive Proposal to Close Schools 

Chalkbeat’s Laura Faith Kebede writes about Shelby County School District superintendent Dorsey Hopson’s proposal to close and consolidate up to 13 schools affecting 4,600 students. 

The struggling district began the school year with 22,000 empty seats and the aggressive plan will eliminate roughly 9% of those seats. The proposal recommends closing schools with severe maintenance issues and opening 3 new schools combining several communities. 

I fully expect anti-reformers to blame charters for empty seats, closing schools, and disturbing communities. While closing schools is never easy and not my first choice, I will always side with families over buildings.

Still, the thought of closing so many schools tugs at the heart strings. I wish the children and families in Memphis great success. 

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Vesia Hawkins

Extremely passionate about education choices, fairness, and good football.

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