The Blog Post of a Mad Black Woman

Nearly 20 years ago, I met a Black woman in her late 40’s and listened to her spew hatred about America and White people who gain the world at the expense of minorities. I remember being so offended by her anger and latent bitterness that I moved away from her as soon as I could. How could she negotiate life anchored by such vitriol?

Fast forward a couple of decades full of harsh disappointments and a plethora of brutal reality checks and, voila, I am she. 
From earning 66 cents on the dollar to a white woman’s 86 cents to our absence on boards and higher ed to being called an “ape in heels” when serving as the First Lady of the United States. I’m an angry black woman. 
I’ve worked hard to keep it light, to play nice. Working for the Chamber of Commerce and Metro Schools to serve my community with unrelenting loyalty and for what?
Nashville’s children of color are vulnerable as ever to fall victim to gaps in education fitted with the pipeline to prison and poverty. The recent school board election illuminated this ugly reality when most of the city flipped a collective middle finger to families desperate for quality choices for their children. 

Then half of America did one better by hiring a man who spoke like a 5th grader. Coining the phrase “the blacks” while describing the war torn neighborhoods that we all live in — yeah, I’m mad as hell. 

I once believed education was the great equalizer, but, again, 66 cents on the dollar AND we are the most educated subgroup in America. So, yep, I’m mad.

I demand the America I deserve. 

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