Breaking from Tradition with Reverse Thanksgiving List 

On this day, tradition suggests we acknowledge and list our blessings which is not a bad idea after the series of unfortunate events that make up 2016. And while I’m grateful for my bounty–my family and friends, America’s pain is too present to sidestep. 
So, I’ve decided to break from tradition and list really selfish wants, sort of a reverse Thanksgiving list. 

I want every child to have a world-class education available to them. Free and exceedingly appropriate!

I want President-elect Trump to have a heart. 

I want Prince back. David Bowie, too.

I want the hatred breeding in our communities to stop now. 

I want the families of the deceased and critically injured children in Chattanooga to experience a peace that surpasses earthly understanding.

I want all those grieving the loss of a loved one during the holiday season to find great comfort from memories of the deceased.

I want love to rule this nation.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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