Nashville 2016 School Board Candidates Lose the Battle, Win the War: Miranda Christy

Permission granted to Volume and Light. Originally posted on Facebook.


 On August 3rd, the day before our local election, a document was filed alleging that I, three other candidates for school board, and Stand for Children violated campaign finance laws. I have said that the document was without merit since the day it was filed and today, the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance reached the same conclusion and dismissed the complaint.

 I’m sharing here the final portion of the sworn statement I submitted in connection with this proceeding because I remain (1) concerned that underhanded political tactics may have a chilling effect on the willingness of smart, qualified, and service-oriented people to run for office in this city, and (2) resolved to do what I can to keep this from happening to anyone else.

Many of you watched my campaign and asked how and why a school board election could get so nasty. While I am happy to discuss those questions, I’d rather use this moment to express my deep appreciation to you – my friends and colleagues – for the support, understanding, and encouragement I’ve received throughout this process – it’s meant more than you know.

 This year has been a series of tests – and not only did I pass them all, I also managed to end up with more friends and wisdom than I had 12 months ago.

 I wouldn’t change a thing.


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