#SoundOff Wednesday: Yours Truly Gets a Bit Personal and Justifies the Crazy

Sound Off is a weekly feature spotlighting a community member dedicated to quality educational choices in Nashville. This week: Me!

“Growing up poor… Any statement that starts off with those words is meant to evoke sympathy. But, for me, my launch into poverty informs every decision, failure, win, passion, and indignation. My mother, single with three children, fought personal demons, therefore, unable to provide traditional parental guidance. So, being much older than my siblings I carried out many of the “mom” responsibilities. My takeaway from that experience is that a caring, engaged family member matters in the life of a child. That while love is paramount, navigating this life with little to no resources is nearly impossible to overcome. It takes a perfect storm of many variables to be able to clear the hurdles exacted by poverty in general, and generational poverty in particular. So, I’m on a mission to destroy those hurdles.”

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