Summer of Discontent Gives Way to Fall… and Winter 

I wrote this post nearly two months ago when Stand for Children and the four losing school board candidates were faced with their first hearing after being charged with malfeasance by the Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance. 


Anyone connected in any way to last summer’s Nashville school board election is currently suffering from a PTSD, of sorts. The knock-down-drag-out was not for the faint of heart and, admittedly, I was ill-prepared for the experience.

As a lifelong Nashvillian, I was shocked by the nastiness produced by a local election, the only of its kind, that is dedicated to change the trajectory of lives for thousands of children. After a few bruises healed, Education Post kindly shared my blog of woe and disbelief as I tried mightily to document with generous objectivity what happened in my beloved town.

But what’s more disappointing is the fact that the shenanigans continue. The overplayed narrative of dark money, outside interests, and illegal campaign activities continues to play out post-election.

In an October 13th article, The Tennessean’s Jason Gonzales reports on an October 12th hearing stemming from a complaint charging Stand for Children and EACH of the four former candidates running on a pro-charter platform. The original complaint led to a Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance’s registry board investigation. Not joking.

I’ve spent time following this debacle and the message is abundantly clear – take your charter-school-loving politics and get out of town. If it sounds like integration-hating Southerners from the 1960’s, it feels that way, too.

But, that kind of hate has no place in an arena that exists solely for the good of children.

Children’s futures are at stake and to silence parents by stunting their choices is strikingly close to being a tool tinkering with the school-to-prison pipeline. We cannot allow it!

We will not allow it.

As the story unfolds, it will have a home on this blog. Faces from the summer of discontent will appear periodically because the best escape from repeating history is to never forget.

UPDATE: 12-7-16

And, finally, this:

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