Yes, You Should Be Afraid to Run for Nashville School Board. But You Should Do It Anyway!

Don’t get me wrong, I am good friends with most of the school board members. I do believe most of them are good people who really do love the babies.

Maybe it’s too early for board members whose terms are up in 2018 to decide whether they will run again. But it’s a great time for prospects to scavenge the landscape.

And yes, I mean scavenge, because the 2016 board race back in August didn’t actually end until this week. And it left a path of scorched earth and burned spirits.

Should I Be Scared?

I strongly encourage you to think about running for school board. (I might even start a sign-up sheet right here on the blog!) But…heed my warning.

To recap: A group of “concerned citizens” (Zack Barnes says it best here) filed illegal campaigning charges against Stand for Children, its Nashville director Daniel O’Donnell, and school board candidates Miranda Christy, Thom Druffel, Jackson Miller and Jane Meneely. After four months, the post-election nightmare finally ended, but not without sending a strong cautionary message (See Miranda’s story) to anyone who hopes to bring new ideas and a focus on children to the Nashville school board.

And hey, this could be you!

I know, I’m a terrible saleslady—what with telling the brutal truth and all. But here’s the thing: nearly 90,000 children need adults with the capability to make decisions that positively affect the trajectories of their lives. We need some bold community members to come stick up for the children—not the adults or the institutions or the entrenched system.

So, if this is you, be afraid. Be very afraid.

And do it anyway.

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