Baited By Another Charter Hit Piece and Discovering Common Ground

Scrolling upon the tweet introducing this article in the Detroit Free Press about Betsy DeVos and Michigan charters, I could smell the charter hate through my iPhone. So I scrolled on. And then back. Baited!

Life is interesting when you allow yourself to be open to dissenting views- you might discover common ground. Which is exactly what happened reading this article. 

The reporter does a yeoman’s job criticizing DeVos for picking and choosing data that best fits her narrative while doing the exact same thing for this article. However, here’s where our paths meet:

Someone focused on outcomes for Detroit students might have looked at the data and suggested better oversight and accountability.

But just this year, DeVos and her family heavily pressured lawmakers to dump a bipartisan-supported oversight commission for all schools in the city, and then showered the GOP majority who complied with more than $1 million dollars in campaign contributions.

The Department of Education needs a secretary who values data and research, and respects the relationship between outcomes and policy imperatives.

And on this Sunday morning, that deserves an AMEN. 

One thought on “Baited By Another Charter Hit Piece and Discovering Common Ground

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