Nashville (and Memphis) School Choice Advocates Make Appeal to School Board – Vote No Moratorium on Charters

The pro-school choice community in Nashville and even Memphis has spoken! We understand that charter schools are providing a need and without them as viable options we are hijacking opportunities from families in vulnerable circumstances.

Check out these voices for choice in Nashville:

Thank you, Memphis!

But we are listening. And we are praying. And we are standing tall with our fellow Tennessee families in Nashville.

Maya M. Bugg, CEO Tennessee Charter School Center

It is exaggerated to call this growth “unabated” when MNPS has been nationally recognized for their careful and considerate management of charter school approval and has only approved an average of approximately two new public charter schools per year since 2014.

We are fortunate in Tennessee to have strong charter school accountability policies, many great schools and an active support base of education partners that even the local NAACP leadership has agreed is a leading positive example.


Zack Barnes, Nashville Education Blogger


Miranda Christy, Nashville Attorney and former School Board candidate

  • Over 10,000 students currently exercise a choice to attend a charter school, which as of 2015 comprised six of the district’s 14 highest performing schools.
  • Our board is voluntarily proposing to eliminate the possibility of additional choices for families and take the option for future charter schools out of its toolbox despite our city’s rapid growth in both population and diversity and a persistent increase in achievement gaps.
  • All families have a right not only to receive adequate public notice of this discussion under the law, but also to have the opportunity for their voices to be heard and to grapple with the purpose and implications of this type of action by the board, e.g., its fundamental legality, whether it will practically achieve its purported purpose, or most importantly: how this action will improve the quality of the education currently available to 87,000 MNPS students.

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