So Parents Who Speak Out in Support of Charter Schools are Pawns? REALLY?

This is not a fake news story. It was brought to my attention that parents at Tuesday night’s board meeting were called pawns by a local parent blogger (who has blocked me). Like any blogger worth her salt, I checked with a couple of reliable sources to confirm the BS (because, blocked). And I’m sad to report that yes, parents, you have been called pawns!

I will refrain from coloring this post with the expletives it deserves, but I must call it like exactly like I see it – BULLSHIT. I’m always fascinated when only certain parent engagement is called into question — a parenting while black (or of color), of sorts.

Certain vs. Concerned

Because when anything that looks threatening to the status quo, I know for a fact parents organized to speak out are just concerned parents. As far back as the 2007 standard school attire (uniforms) battle and as recent as this summer’s school board elections, there was no shortage of concerned parents and no questioning of their motives or intellectual capacity.

So, let’s see… Who were the pro-charter school parents bravely sharing their very personal stories before nine elected school board members, the director of schools, the director’s cabinet members, and – oh yeah, the city of Nashville (live broadcast)?

Carmen Cartagena

Suad Abdullah

Ali Saleh Nooraddiin

LaQuita Shute

Laura Hasler

Ayda Doski

Rashida Bey

No longer able trust my memory, I double-checked the recorded meeting to confirm that only one parent in the above list is not of color. In my mind and heart, there is no defense for calling out a parent supporting their children. Yet, it’s so easy for a few nefarious Nashvillians to vilify a certain segment of parents.

To the haters: when you cast doubt on moms, dads and grandparents you’ve never met and most of whom are in vulnerable situations, you are an active participant in a system known for keeping the marginalized in the margins.

You should be ashamed.




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