“I prayed and cried and just started walking. And it led me to this school.”

In a special holiday two-part series, Victoria Gordon shares her #NashvilleEduStory. Ms. Gordon is a daily presence in the halls of her youngest son’s school serving as its mom-in-residence. On this particular day, Mama Gordon was channeling Elf on the Shelf for the littles.

“I’m a praying mama. I prayed and cried and just started walking. And it led me to this school. I was thinking ‘why are you people outside?’ “Why is this man with all these kids and why aren’t they in the building?’ Well, I walked into the building crying and they listened to me and set up a time to come back. When we went back, they knew my name and my son’s name and invited us to a classroom and we sat in there all day. My parents were against charter schools and didn’t want Malik to go because we only heard bad things about charters. But this charter school cares about kids. It’s like a family. Malik has an IEP (Individualized Education Program), but he’s always in the classroom where he is unaware of his IEP. He’s learning and growing. Even though he’s high functioning autistic, he still has his moments with outbursts, but I have a school that’s helping me with that.”

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Vesia Hawkins

Extremely passionate about education choices, fairness, and good football.

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