Dear Santa: I Don’t Expect To See You Tonight and I’m OK With It

Dear Santa,

I know, without a doubt, I’ve made a solid landing on your naughty list. I’ve said awful things in response to horrendous situations in our country, my city, and — well, my life.

This letter is not asking for your forgiveness in hopes of sneaking my way onto next year’s nice list. Very simply, Santa, this letter is a promise to be a better me in 2017 no matter the circumstances. Even if 2017 turns about to be as suck-y as 2016. (Sorry, big guy, you know I’m right).

This year has received more than a year’s worth of bad mouthing from yours truly. But you must admit, it’s so very human to want someone or thing to blame for the unrelenting 2016. Of course, I know better than to fault 2016 for taking Prince, David Bowie, Alan Thicke, Alan Rickman, Muhammad Ali, Gwen Ifill, Elie Wiesel, Pat Summitt, and Hillary Clinton.

Further, 2016 is not responsible for Nashville’s school board election summer of skullduggery or Trump. Or for the modern-day lynching of Philando Castile, Terence Crutcher, Tyre King, and Keith Scott. Still, I pointed these poison-infused fingers (accompanied by very colorful language) at the unsuspecting and rather innocent 2016.

So, Santa, for 2017 I promise to lay blame with its rightful owner and save the cursing for the true culprits. I will be every bit as cantankerous and crass, but for the right things. I won’t waste my time battling Twitter trolls or Facebook felons. Instead, I promise to do my homework, impart facts in a genuine effort to educate, and remove myself from the discussion before things go south.

Finally, I’m ok with being on your naughty list as it has forced me to assess my own behavior in response to tremendous tragedy and maliciousness. With that said, I know it would be wrong to ask you for anything at this juncture and knowing what you know about me. Still, I must ask…

Do you have any world peace in your bag?

Until next year, big guy…

Merry Christmas from Volume and Light!


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