I’m An “Anxious, Jealous Guardian of Democracy!” Thanks, Obama and Amen

It wasn’t the farewell address that we’ve come to expect from an American president. Sure, there was a little horn-tooting, but quickly counterbalanced by an unvarnished calling out of shortcomings. 

Breaking from centuries of tradition, President Obama’s last speech to his fellow Americans was actually a sermon. Brilliantly capitalizing on the last great opportunity by producing a teachable moment and landing with a call to action. 

I’ve not been so moved in quite some time. I believe he was lovingly chastising us for allowing talk of prostitutes and genitalia grabbing distract us from our work, our service to one another.  President Obama was lifting America’s current narrative out of the gutter onto solid ground and reminding that the power is within us. 

When he exhorted that we must be “anxious, jealous guardians of our democracy” I belted out “Amen!”from the depth of my being. 
So Un-Presidential 

The soon to be citizen used a healthy portion of his speech talking about race relations. Recognizing that we’ve come a long way, while lamenting on the long way still. And reminding us that ALL of us have a responsibility in loving our neighbor. 

Think about it, he has experienced racism from every vantage point and being POTUS neither insulated nor precluded him from it. There’s no granting of immunity from hate.

The. Feels. 

The man honored his wife. Blog post pending on this. All the feels. Too much.

Thank You

So, Mr. President and Soon to be Citizen, I’m a great student and totally picked up what you put down. Thank you for your service to our country and doing it with dignity, class, and respect. 

Let the church say AMEN.

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