DeVos’ Below Proficient Performance Doesn’t Negate Growth Potential or Does It?

I’m not mad that Billionaire Betsy has nearly zero personal and professional connections to public schools. I’m not hating that she considers the public school system “dead end.” Hell, I’m even shelling out mad props for not getting up and slapping the crap out of Sen. Warren.

While most eduwatchers are pouncing on certain responses (grizzly bears and such), I’ve been surveying the full landscape. If I had to give DeVos a grade,  it would be a ‘D’ (below proficient). Hey, this is not to say that she doesn’t have the capacity to get better over time (growth), she is rich with potential, but like all summative assessments, this was her one shot to shine.

As we say in the ed reform world, children don’t have the luxury of time. They can’t wait for us to get it right. So, in the spirit of the great senator from Tennessee, we, too, must apply the Golden Rule by having the same expectations of our leaders as we do our schools.

And while I’m desperate to see a real champion of choice in the Secretary of Education, DeVos is clearly ill-prepared to shoulder the responsibility of millions of public school students.

Surely, she understands when something is a dead end it cannot be considered a contender and that the search must continue until our needs are met. Why would we accept anything less than high quality right now?

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