Whether Celebrating Or Protesting, Do You, But By All Means –Stand Ready 

As half the nation mourns the ending of the finest presidency in modern history, I’m motivated to look beyond now. For it is the future of this country that requires full and focused attention. We cannot take our eye off the mark and I think Barack and Michelle, soon-to-be private citizens, would agree.

With that said, I’m neither celebrating nor protesting the swearing in of the 45th president. I will never dishonor the office of POTUS, but I stand ready for battle when the opportunity presents itself. And it will.

On the eve of the inauguration, we’re already receiving reports of shuddered departments, endowments, and grants. We’ve not reached Day 1!

So, we must sleep in shifts and wear our armor at all times because tomorrow begins another era in the fight for civil rights. Stand ready.

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