#P*ssyHatProject > Inauguration

The inauguration is happening as I write. As I mentioned earlier this week, I won’t disrespect the office, but I will honor my responsibility to stand ready to battle for what is right.

Tomorrow is the Women’s March on Washington and smaller marches across the nation will also take place. I was planning to participate in the Nashville march, but as it often does, life happened and the Hawkinses will be making a daytrip North.

I want so bad to be part of this historic event, so I’m knitting.  Yep, my contribution to this effort will be in the form of pussyhats. The p-word is my least favorite word– I hate it, but I love that this project has forced me to examine my hostility.

Quite simply, my experience has seen men use the word to exert power by placing a value on our genitalia through hateful context and inflections dripping with disgust.

So, I knit. Because I love being a woman and because I can.

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