We Must Insist Parents Stay WOKE, Absence of Information Is The Exploiter’s Playground

School Choice Week, REALLY?

Oh, so crafty, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN). First, he invokes the Word during DeVos’ confirmation hearing, then unabashedly ignores every Dem protest to his interpretation of hearing protocol (which I’m good with), and finally, the good Senator slips one in on us by scheduling the vote during School Choice Week. Oh, Sen. Dude, you are good.

This says to me that the distinguished gentleman from Tennessee is confident in DeVos’ confirmation. Which means those of us in Tennessee (and nationally) who champion school choice must quickly restructure our strategy and deploy tactics that will enforce robust accountability.

Defense Wins Championships, Offense Wins at Life

So, I won’t be waiting for the smoke to clear (ahem -inauguration) to start preparing for this new warfare in public education. We can look to Michigan to get an idea of how to devise our defense. Offensively, we must arm our parents with information. We must insist that they “Stay Woke,” for absence of information is the exploiter’s playground.

Sometimes the best defense is offense.

Let’s Roll.

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