Dear Senator Alexander—Don’t Get It Twisted…Sir

Originally posted on Facebook in response to Sen. Alexander’s Facebook post admonishing Democrats for opposing Betsy DeVos’ nomination to be the next Secretary of Education.

Dear Sir,

I (respectfully) resent the notion that only Democrats believe DeVos is unqualified. Some of us not married to partisan politics see clearly through the fluff you’ve paraded as qualifications.

You should also know that while I’m traditionally suspicious of superfluously rich people, I along with many others gave DeVos ample opportunity to make her case. She did not.

Hour after hour, waiting for the moment, the moment when the tables turn and DeVos responds with the passion and institutional knowledge that comes with working on behalf of children. Alas, that moment eluded us.

Again, with all due respect, please don’t belittle your constituency by making it a partisan issue. I know that’s how it is in your world, but down here, below the Ivory Tower, and more specifically, east of your West Nashville digs, it’s about the children. The children are born with neither liberal nor or conservative care labels, but we know they rely on us to get it right.

DeVos failed to provide the requisite foundational know-how necessary for a job interview of that magnitude. Frankly, she just flat out didn’t give us a reason to believe in her.

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