Watching the Senate Vote for Betsy DeVos Was Eerily Similar to Super Bowl LI Minus the Shock Value

If you haven’t heard, Betsy DeVos is the newly crowned Secretary of Education. I intentionally use ‘crowned’ as it suggests she was gifted the position through the privilege that comes with being a DeVos. Which I believe to be true. 

I’m not being petty, I watched it happen. From sitting through the 3-hour hearing,  to witnessing the growing opposition, to today’s historically unimpressive vote, all arrows point to privilege. 

Sudden Death 

If you watched Superbowl LI, you watched in disbelief as the New England Patriots made a miraculous comeback in the second half forging an overtime in the biggest game of the year. In the same manner, DeVos’ senate supporters mounted a comeback forcing an overtime, of sorts. Sudden death.

Enter the Grim Reaper.

In his first official act (and possible one-time act), Vice President Mike Pence breaks the tie in favor of DeVos.


I missed Sen. Alexander’s vote, but watched as my other Tennessee senator, Sen. Bob Corker cast the 43rd ‘aye’.


For the record, I am not at all surprised about DeVos’ confirmation because in my world unqualified, privileged people win all the time. Those who are upset about this confirmation and are shocked by such a miscarriage of justice, bless your heart. 

As I wrote in an earlier post, put on your big girl undies and keep it moving. We’ve got children to save and Betsy is going to help us do it. 

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