“We Must Focus Like Never Before on Improving Nashville’s Public Schools”

Miranda Christy, Nashville attorney and education advocate, stops by Volume and Light to remind us to STAY VIGILANT in the DeVos era. Accountability matters. 

Regarding the confirmation of Betsy DeVos, I stand with many of you: disappointed and disgusted. While the Secretary of Education has relatively little power, we must nevertheless be vigilant. Specifically, if we want to keep the state as well as outside interests, including a possible DeVos/Trump agenda, out of our local business, then we must focus like never before on improving Nashville’s public schools.
In the coming weeks and months, I would expect to see the anti-choice rhetoric of our local leadership intensify under the guise of protecting our schools from a DeVos/Trump agenda. Do not be deceived: the regress in Nashville’s public schools over the last 4+ years has nothing to do with charter schools and everything to do with the misplaced attention of our leadership.
More than ever, we must demand that our local leaders focus on evaluating data and benchmarks, collaborating with high-performing schools, replicating successful practices, and delivering better results to students and families. Time and energy spent on incendiary rhetoric to rally troops for (alternative) fact-finding missions and to wage war on our existing high-performing charter schools is time and energy wasted. 
The best way to keep the state and others out of our backyard is to take away their reason to be in it: hypervigilant bogeyman politics ≠ better educational outcomes for Nashville’s families.
Our local leaders can no longer be permitted to escape accountability by blaming others for their failure to improve our schools: now is the time to stay engaged and demand better results for our kids. 

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