Hey DeVos: It’s Spelled D-U-B-O-I-S

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I’d assume it was part of a SNL sketch. And if I hadn’t spent the past two days defending Queen Betsy against those celebrating the protestors who blocked her entrance into a public school, I might not be so pissed. 

But check it, the tweet below is so unacceptable I want every job in the U.S. department of education! 

We know you (dept. of Ed) know how to spell W.E.B. DuBois. Which is why I consider misspelling the name of one of the most important figures in modern history a direct attack.  

Look, we get enough messages attacking our value and cannot allow Queen Betsy and her court to execute mental war games on people of color while getting fat off our tax dollars. 

We are not doing this. The tactic of devaluing/dehumanizing a group of people in seemingly innocuous ways – a typo here, a fail to recognize there – is not new to this country.

I see you and we are not doing this. 

Oh — here’s the apology:

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