How We Do Women’s Day on the Hill in Nashville

I had the good fortune of spending Women’s Day on the Hill amongst a great group of women excited about speaking to legislators regarding the issues that matter to their organizations, all targeted toward women and families.

We started the day at one of the top law firms in Tennessee with Day on the Hill leadership Joyce McDaniel of the Women’s Political Collaborative and Zulfat Suara, executive director of Business and Professional Women of Tennessee.

Next, we had the distinct pleasure of hearing from our Speaker of the House Beth Harwell who offered words of wisdom on how best to communicate with lawmakers. Always speak respectfully and always start with “I’m a registered voter in your district.” Good stuff.

Before heading to the legislature we were fortunate to hear from leaders of various organizations about their efforts to pass bills near and dear to the people they serve.

I was excited to see my friend executive director of Free Hearts, Dawn Harrington speaking about legislation HB 0825/SB 0919, the primary caregiver bill that seeks to help incarcerated parents of children under the age of 18. I’ve shared information on Volume and Light in recent weeks to offer a platform on this little known problem that directly affects children in our schools.

That was just the morning!


Eventually we would make it to the legislature and who is the first person we see? The very dapper and generous Rep. Harold Love, Jr. We are grateful for his willingness to stop and speak with even though he was headed into a meeting. 

Rep. Love’s office staff provided us a schedule for the day’s sessions and we were disappointed to find no education-related meetings, but that didn’t stop us! So, we ended up in the Senate Health and Committee Chamber watching budget hearings. Why not?

Oh yeah, we also bumped into The Memphis Lift! These powerful parents can be found most anywhere in the United States handling business. That’s John Little back there, too. 

We ended our day on the hill with luncheon at the law firm. I am grateful to have spent this day with my Her Perspective Nashville partner, Cheryl D. Mayes and Metro Schools parents Brittany Cosby and Victoria Gordon. A good time was had by all.

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