#45 In Nashville to Visit #7 For His Birthday and We Get the Finger

Today, the 45th president of the United States be visiting Nashville to attend a rally featuring the 45th president of the United States. Even more interesting, President Trump will be visiting The Hermitage, the home of 7th POTUS Andrew Jackson located in the suburbs east of Nashville, also known as my ‘hood.

According to officials at The Hermitage, #45 is the first president since Ronald Reagan and the 14th president overall to visit Old Hickory’s digs. The Hermitage was scheduled to commemorate #7’s 250th birthday today with a full day of activities, but will close instead to allow #45 the privilege of laying a wreath at Jackson’s tomb. Because he reveres the man.

So Why All the Fuss?

Nashville has been snippy since first learning of #45’s visit to the city that has little affection for him. I mean, the ‘It City’ was not shy about giving him the middle finger during last November’s election. As illustrated in the graphic below, Nashville wanted Hillary Clinton or didn’t want Donald Trump. Or both.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 7.48.22 AM
Graphic by The New York Times

Additionally, we have a progressive mayor (and big Hillary supporter) who speaks loudly for the LGBTQ and immigrant communities, the very populations the current POTUS actively works against. Mayor Barry has not minced communication about this city’s open door policy as she has made it clear to anyone who will listen.

“I will continue to do whatever I can to ensure that Nashville remains a warm and welcoming city that treats everyone with respect.”

Finally, #45’s visit will create major havoc on our already overburdened roads and anemic city transit system. The downtown bus depot will be completely shut down during peak usage critical for those dependent on this mode of transportation for work, for life. All for an ego-boosting pep rally.

Right Back At Ya, Nashville!

I’m gonna go out on a limb to say this visit is a fat middle finger back at us. Based on his tweets alone, the man is not beneath childish ego-inflating tête–à–têtes. So it’s not surprising that the POTUS visits a city and ignores its leader by not inviting her to his pep rally. After all, she’s just a girl who likes gay people, Muslims, and girl stuff. (angry face)

I guess I’m part of the Nashville snippy-ness. I didn’t vote for him, though, welcome him to Nashville as I would anyone. Because if we are to be a welcoming city, then EVERYONE is welcome. What is unacceptable is his blatant disregard for the mayor and the people of Nashville. Clogging up our citizen-dependent systems while thumbing his nose at the very person responsible for managing them. Yah, snippy.

So while Nashville is paralyzed by the temporary shut down, I’ll be 15 miles away stuck in my Hermitage digs because the area named for #7 will also be incapacitated. Thanks, Trump.

I’ll end with Mayor Barry’s statement which is a great illustration of how we go high:

“Nashville is a warm and welcoming city for all, and that certainly includes President Trump and his supporters who will be attending this event,” said Nashville Mayor Megan Barry. “I hope that during President Trump’s visit to Nashville, he has an opportunity to experience our diverse culture and welcoming values that make our city and our economy so successful. If we have the chance to meet, I would love to follow up on our previous phone conversation about Nashville’s desire to be included in the President’s plan for improving infrastructure across the nation.”

2 thoughts on “#45 In Nashville to Visit #7 For His Birthday and We Get the Finger

  1. and I can only wonder how the people in New York feel about paying for security, space,impact on business, etc. for family not choosing the White House…I can only wonder about the people in and around Mar-a-lago who are shut down and lose business ever other weekend because the Pres wants another round of golf…I can only wonder when the people ‘s business is first and foremost and not just the 1%


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