Tennessee Charter School Center Chief: ‘Enough is Enough’

I’ve devoted a nice chunk of this space defending parents and children in charter schools. Since March, the eduspace in Nashville has been riddled with personal attacks and cooked up scandals against charter leaders and schools which, ultimately, influence the children and parents they serve.  

While the bullying and badmouthing is as part of the education discussion, as say, Policy Governance, the plan to dismantle Nashville’s charters, which is increasingly becoming more clear, is a new development. 

Unfortunately, advocates for good schools, traditional and otherwise, are forced to expend valuable time defending a small percentage of the district’s schools. 

Thank you, Maya Bugg, CEO of the Tennessee Charter School Center, for speaking out against the unfair and unfavorable treatment of charter schools. 

Tennessean Op-Ed by Maya Bugg.

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