Charter School Parent to School Board: ‘I’m Grateful for School Choices’

Contributed by Nashville Classical parent Dominique Bailey as read at the June 13, 2017 school board meeting. Because five of nine board members were not attendance, the parents featured in this series expressed grave concern about the cold shoulder extended to charter schools and their families at board meetings. They have a voice, please listen. 

My name is Dominique Bailey. I have three children, but today I would like to focus on my oldest child who is going into the third grade. When my son started school, he was enrolled in a district school.

Early on, I received calls complaining about behavior issues, but the school never talked to me about his academic progress. During IEP meetings, they talked about problems, but never any solutions to the problems. To my surprise, at the end of kindergarten, my son was on the honor roll, and he was passed to the first grade. But, when I asked my son what is 1 +1?he could not tell me.

That is when I knew it was time for a change. A family member told me about Nashville Classical Charter School.

From the moment I walked through the door, I felt the change. My son started making progress. The teachers took the time and even the principal took his time to help my child and his classmates to grow. Nashville Classical Charter School is a loving, caring school that helps parents to understand the growth of our children.

I signed the letter supporting charter schools, and I am glad to live in a city that gives me different school choices. Thank you Mary Pierce for supporting parents wherever they decide to send their children to school.

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