Plea to School Board: Respect Parents and Students of ALL Schools

Contributed by Valor Collegiate parent Elizabeth Louie as read at the June 13, 2017 school board meeting. Because five of nine board members were not attendance, the parents featured in this series expressed grave concern about the cold shoulder extended to charter schools and their families at board meetings. They have a voice, please listen. 

My name is Elizabeth Louie. My address is 310 S 17th Street. Hello members of the board. Thank you for the opportunity to speak this evening. I have one child. Her name is Carmen Does. She is 10 years old. She attended Lockeland Design Center from kindergarten through 4th grade. She was waitlisted for her choice for middle school as well as waitlisted to Valor. She got off the waitlist to Valor, had a great 5th grade year and is a rising 6th grader at Valor.

Our family likes Valor for three main reasons which are safety, academics, and community. My child is safe and well cared for in her school environment with staff and faculty all looking out for her best interests to offer the skills and tools to be a productive, creative, and innovative person. There is strong communication between teachers, staff, family, and scholars through text, email, newsletters, websites, phone calls, meetings, and mail.

The classrooms can be fast paced and the students are engaged, thinking, and processing on their “feet.” And for those students who may learn at a different pace or a different way, they are accommodated. Every child and their family is part of the Valor community and supported so the child has what they need to succeed. Teachers and staff are all very approachable and personable to help support students/families needs. The energy at the school is a feeling of comfort and security as well as educating. It is a community with a common goal to prepare children to succeed in society.

What I hope for – is that all students and families are respected for how they choose to educate their child and that they are supported in that decision. We all should work together to support our students and families with a common goal for ALL. I want to thank Mary Pierce for bringing a resolution to the school board in favor of supporting all students and families regardless of how we choose to educate our children.

In closing I would like to make an analogy, if I may – I am a special needs parent. My daughter has a tracheostomy tube and every time she sleeps she needs to be on her ventilator. This is for the rest of her life.


The kids who have this condition can be mechanically ventilated via a tracheostomy tube, a mask, and/or a phrenic nerve pacer. There is no one best method. Each family decides what is the best treatment for the health of their child and what works for their family. So the important lesson I learned as a parent to a child with medical needs is that parents will do what is best for their child and family. Thus, my family chose and continue to choose Valor Collegiate Academy as the school to educate our daughter as it is the best fit for our family.

Thank you for your time and attention and for listening to my family’s story.

One thought on “Plea to School Board: Respect Parents and Students of ALL Schools

  1. Thanks Vesia!! The passion with purpose and love in the parent testimonies is heart-warming. Thanks for sharing. My heart goes out to parents who want their children to have an excellent and equitable education for their children and are willing to fight for them for all children. It’s so time for this conversation to be over. WE ALL must want all of our children to attend great schools regardless of race, class, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, location, academic levels, disability, etc. Children do not deserve to attend subpar schools–ever. ALL means ALL. It…is…time!! One love…



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