University Instructor Imposes Price on Free Exchange of Ideas

The University of Tennessee student featured in this Tennessean article challenged her instructor’s views on the state of the black family during slavery. Seems the instructor glorified the family structure while the student pointed out the peculiar institution’s role in ripping men away from their families (and let’s not forget other evil behavior toward slave women). 
I was taught college professors have the authority to do or say whatever they want because it’s their classroom. That’s certainly one way to survive college, but the other way is to use the brain the Good Lord gave you and be willing to defend yourself. I couldn’t be more proud of this student if she was my own child.  
Unfortunately, social media’s role in this might have exacerbated the situation, but clearly that was the point. And 45 year old Vesia would be slow to tag the instructor a racist but agree that racism rears its ugly face in our institutions in seemingly innocuous ways (institutional racism). 
As for the instructor’s behavior, defending herself through intimidation and ridicule, well, that’s just petty.

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