Need Some Edu-Inspiration? Look No Further Than Chattanooga

If they can’t come to us, we will go to them!

This is the fuel behind The Passage, a mobile bus service started by two teachers in Chattanooga, TN. I’m not familiar with the transportation system in Chattanooga, but Nashville’s transit very often poses as a barrier for lower-income families to access greatly needed community resources.

In some of Nashville’s under-resourced areas, residents may benefit from mobile libraries and even healthcare services, but nothing with a focus on parent outreach. The Chattanooga teachers-turned-bus operators offer instruction to students, books/supplies, and allow meeting time with parents. I can’t think of a more revolutionary, compassionate, and generous way to engage parents.

“A lot of our parents don’t have cars, or the shifts they work don’t work with the schedule of time teachers are available at school, so this service allows convenience for them,” Ryan explains.

While it’s not realistic to expect educators to purchase a bus to engage parents, we must acknowledge this innovative effort to think about engaging parents. These teachers get it! They understand the importance of partnering with parents in this education thing. Because as they say, alone we can go fast, but together we will go far.

Get more information about The Passage on their Facebook page.

And more on Chattanooga…

The Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy recently received an award from the National Principal’s Leadership Institute for its turnaround in student performance. A former low-performing school, CGLA until new leadership righted the ship and now CGLA is one of only four schools in the nation to get this recognition.

“We were looking at closure, but then the incredible, magnificent and determined Dr. Elaine Swafford arrived on our campus and she turned this place upside down, inside out,” Wells said. “She turned it around so that now we are not only surviving, but we are thriving.”

Yep, leadership matters! Read more on CGLA here.

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