Looking Back at Nashville’s First Week of School With a Tear and Smile

Getting 88,000 children back into the swing of the things seems like an impossible task. I’ve been in the belly of the beast as Central Office staffers work feverishly throughout the summer in preparation for THE DAY.

But it’s the principals, the superheroes and sheroes working throughout the summer readying the building, preparing class assignments, hiring staff, working on time management, wrangling with the budget, practicing for THE DAY, and the list goes on. They make it look easy.

Unfortunately, no school district of this size could possibly experience a perfect launch. In addition to minor hiccups, there were also events completely out of the district’s control, unimaginable losses. Thankfully, we know how to Nashville! Our community is good like that.

Hats off to schools leaders, teachers, staff, families and the stars of the show – the students!

A special shout to Mayor Megan Barry who after having lost her own child, spent her first day back to work loving on other’s children. Little wonder why the school week ended as strong as it began.


Congratulations and here’s to an excellent year!


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