We’re Totally Eclipsing in Nashville with Best Seats in the House

If you have been chilling under a rock then you probably don’t know about today’s Total Solar Eclipse and Nashville’s place in the moon covered sun. 

Nashville is the largest US city in the Path of Totality. Yes, we have front row seats to the moon’s complete covering of the sun in broad dayli–, I mean, in the middle of the day. In short, all protective wear covered eyes are on Nashville. 
By the way, got glasses? 

If you’ve yet to score these lovely specs, don’t fret. There are any number of “retailers” dotted along main thoroughfares pushing eyewear that may or may not be safe — or affordable. 🤦🏾‍♀️

And speaking of safe, most Nashville schools are closed after a couple of unprecedented scheduling changes in the school calendar. But ICYMI, schools are closed. 

Anyway, take in these stories leading up to the grand scientific experience!
And get Totally Eclipsed!


Everything you need to know to watch the solar eclipse in Nashville ‬

Nashville’s Schools Calendar Indecision 

The Path of Totality Through Tennessee minute-by-minute

The Eclipse Conspiracy


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