Life Comes At You Fast And Sometimes Kicks You In the Teeth — At Full Speed

Apparently, it’s my four-year blog-aversary. Before Volume and Light, I had the bright idea of creating a platform for this worn-out mom facing a future that didn’t include a daily mom routine or hearing “mama” screamed at me 30 times a day. The blog Echoes from an Emptying Nest launched four years ago and has only about 4 entries because life comes at you fast…

In the beginning there was this…

A blog, huh? A veritable anti-diary. Blowing out my feelings, opinions, stupidity, and brilliance for the world to inhale. Although I expect to have few readers because I am not a writer and I have nothing profound to offer. BUT, I will write anyway because I am in my early 40’s and about to drop off my last child at college.

Wow! Was it 20 years ago that we had our first child and a short 21 months later our second child showed up? I remember bragging about the future – TODAY. About how young I would be with college-age kids. About how much life would be ahead of me after spending all of my young adult life parenting. The countdown to today would begin.

After nearly two decades of making brownies for school events, buying a billion bottles of gatorade, searching for summer enrichment activities, wiping tears, causing tears, sitting through sporting events (even if they were benched), bands, choirs, tryouts, wins, losses, arguments, arguments, disrespect… I forgot where I was going with this. Bottom line: it has been a trip and I would not change a minute of it.

So, I have spent the past two decades being mommy.

Now what?

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