If Reading Scores Are A Predictor of Success, We’re In Big Trouble 

I’m terrible at compartmentalizing my life. If I’m going through something it affects everything I do (or don’t do). For two weeks, since learning about Nashville’s reading scores, I’ve submerged myself into studies, manuals, blogs, newspaper articles, and personal testimonies in an effort to understand where we are going wrong with literacy in our schools.

I just want to understand.

Because I need to believe that our system and the powers-that-be are uncomfortable with sending three-fourths of our students into the world poorly equipped. I have to believe that our kids are not being groomed to lift the wealthy and carry their middle class on their backs.

I want to believe the best, but when only 17.5% of Black/Hispanic/Native American students read at grade level and no one has stepped out to say – “never again” – well, I can only surmise we’re a people ok with certain public school children not reaching the American Dream.

This is not to advance wild conspiracy theories, but rather to raise awareness about our crippling literacy crisis and seek real solutions.
So because I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m totally inept at pretending, when you see me about town and ask how I’m doing, I’m likely to respond with “I won’t be fine until we #flipthescript for our children. And you?”

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