Be Part of the Solution: NOAH Hosts Discussions Around the City on School-to-Prison Pipeline

Nashville Organized for Action and Hope (NOAH) is a coalition of churches and unions focused on raising awareness and holding the city’s leadership accountable on the monster issues that many pretend do not exist. We can ignore mammoth-sized problems like nobody’s business.

While I’d love to see them focus specifically on education, I commend them for focusing on the issues that are married to education and cannot be addressed without schools. NOAH has committees for each of the following:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Economic Equity

In the next two weeks, NOAH’s Criminal Justice taskforce will be conducting discussions around Nashville on the school-to-prison pipeline with a focus on racial disparities in discipline. This is near and dear to me as I speak and write incessantly about the pipeline, but with a spotlight on race and class gaps in academic achievement – you know,  like reading scores.

When we fail to adequately prepare our kids for career or college, we succeed in assembly-lining them into prisons and poverty.

Join the conversation.

Come Be Part of Disrupting the School-To-Prison Pipeline!
Tell YOUR congregation, union, or group!

NOAH’s Criminal Justice Task Force
School Discipline Reform Subcommittee

African-American students make up about 40% of Nashville public schools, but are 75% of those expelled or suspended.  This is the beginning of the “school-to-prison pipeline.”

NOAH is working with Metro Nashville Public Schools to increase funding for “restorative practice” and other special ways to address conflict in schools.  We believe this will help to reduce the racial disparity in school discipline.  But how will this new funding be used?  How can YOU help shape these strategies?Tony_Majors_at_SLN_NOAH_-_close-up.png

At Sunday’s Speak Loudly Nashville public meeting,Tony Majors, Executive Director, MNPS Department of Student Services, committed to meet with NOAH to develop the plan for these strategies to reduce such racial disparities.

What You Can Do

Help break the School-To-Prison Pipeline by attending

NOAH’s Parent & Community Conversations

around racial disparities in school discipline. The goals for these meetings are to:

  • Raise awareness of racial disparities in school displine
  • Engage parents and the community in reducing these disparities
  • Find solutions to racial disparity gaps in school displine

Invite others to come as well!  A flyer is linked HERE!

Scheduled Meetings 

(You can attend ANY or ALL of these meetings.  If you want to know what quadrant a specific school is in, see a map HERE.)

For more info, call NOAH at 615-905-6624, or email

See you there!


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