Squeezing In Another End-of-School-Year Appreciation Week

I don’t know where I’m going with this except that I want to thank those who go hard for children’s education. We’ve celebrated teachers and charter schools; moms deservedly had their day and dads will be honored in less than a month.

Surely there’s enough space on the celebration calendar to honor the moms, dads, grandmas, paw paws, Aunt Darlenes, Uncle Alfreds, the Memphis Lifts and Nashville Rises that advocate and work for your child and mine, for the future students and those failed by the system. The women and men working concessions, making copies, and chaperoning field trips and school dances.

The policy influencers, campaign canvassers, and letter writers. The cookie bakers, carpoolers, and bus stop watchdogs. The churches and grassroots organizations that organize tutoring, food/clothes/book drives, and providing financial assistance to families in need. The coaches who teach and parent and the support staff who nurse, counsel and coddle children like their own.

Of course, some schools are blessed with vibrant parent organizations working collectively to contribute to the school. But there are some stars that are doing the damn thing without the cover of a 501c3 or middle-class income. They are generous with their time and talents, laboring in love, and oftentimes, spending their precious coins to assist others’ children basic needs. They are the ones you overhear saying “they are all my babies” and they are also the ones who keep extra snacks on their person — just in case.

So, even though I don’t have a name for this group, we know who they are.

I think there’s space in our world to say to these wonderful people “WE SEE YOU!”

Happy “We Couldn’t Do It Without You” Week! Tag someone today!

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