Vote, But First Get The Tea

If you missed early voting then you, like me, will be standing in line to vote at your assigned precinct this Thursday. I almost never vote on Election Day as Nashville’s early voting process is unbelievably convenient and there’s rarely a wait in line. But this year has been The Most as the kids say around here.

This is the third election in as many months thanks to a mayoral resignation and transit referendum. The stakes are too high to allow apathy to takeover. So here we are at the August primary and in addition to Governor, we are voting for School Board in even-numbered districts 2, 4, 6, and 8.

For the first time EV-ER (dramatic effect), Nashvillians do not have to enter the voting booth knowing next to nothing about the work of school board members by district. I’m so completely excited about the new data goldmine offered by Nashville’s own Scarlett Foundation. Executive director Tara Scarlett, a true friend to the Nashville education scene, understands the city’s need for clear, user-friendly data distribution and the power of an informed voter and parent.

If you’re voting in one of the school board races tomorrow, spend some time today getting to know the performance of your district and then check to see which candidate best articulates the issues and has the passion and experience to address them.

Go vote, but first do your homework.

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