WARNING: The Most Terrifying Of All Halloween Tales

There is zero entertainment value where fear is the intended outcome. I can think of no reason to celebrate being scared out of my mind. What’s so cool about the post-mortem condition that an entire holiday was created in its honor? Creepy ain’t cool.  For this reason, I don’t do Halloween.

But these days we don’t need a special day of pretending in order to be scared clean out of our britches. Have you checked out the news within the last hour? A twenty-four-hour news cycle where breaking news happens multiple times a day is just too overwhelming for the human mind and society. A nonstop news cycle illuminating a pattern of progressively declining humanity is terrifying.

Don’t let me spoil your fun, but it’s about to get grim.

Here’s what’s terrifying to me:

1. Children murdered just going to school.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 1.33.24 PM.png

    2. Americans murdered while in worship and prayer. 

3. Homelessness rate for children increasing by leaps. 

4. LITERACY and the attack on the right to an excellent education.


5. Generational hurdles in education facing Black, Hispanic, and poor students. 


6. Parents not offered tools or information to better family situation.

7. When Black lives don’t matter.

It’s Halloween every day for millions of Americans.

Go get your candy on.

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