It’s The Final Week To Select A School For 2019. Do Or Don’t. It’s Your Choice.

You want a good school for your child, right? Something that is a good fit based on what you know your child needs? It’s tough. There are so many options out there, it can feel like you’re trying to navigate through a labyrinth. Lengthy application processes, hours of research, interrogating your friends and neighbors. Lucky for you, Nashville Metro Schools actually has a lot of good options.

I am agnostic to the type of school a family chooses. But I care very much about families having easy access to good information about every available option. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Nashville. Metro Schools has a lot of good options, but it’s really hard to figure out what and where they are.

Throughout the years, hundreds of parents have told me horror stories about navigating Metro Schools’ school selection process. It was even hard for me when my kids were in school and I had all the insider advantages of working for the school district at the time! First, there are too many types of schools – charters, academic magnets, thematic magnets, open enrollment, and optional. Second, the application process is labor intensive and don’t forget that darn student number! Finally, the district doesn’t make it easy for families considering a charter school.

Take Advantage of the School Selection Period

If your child will be transitioning to a middle or high school, do a little research even it’s your zoned school. If your child is struggling to find success in her current situation, it’s ok to check out other schools. If you love your school and you’re sticking with it, please tell your principal and teacher. If you are interested in a charter school but you’ve only been exposed to anti-charter rhetoric, check out a charter school for yourself.

Happy hunting or love the one you’re with!


Charter Schools Directory

Because I failed to find one place with complete, accessible, and updated charter school information, I’ve added a list of charter schools with links to websites and enrollment pages.

Martha O’Bryan Center Schools*
  East End Preparatory School  Enroll
  Grades K-8
  Principal: Jim Leckrone
  1460 McGavock Pike
  Nashville TN 37216
  Explore Community School
   Grades: K-3
   Principal: Jon Driskell
   217 South 10th Street
   Nashville, TN 37206
   Intrepid College Prep Schools*  Enroll
      Opportunity Academy
      Grades: 5-8
      Principal: Lizzie Stewart
      5432 Bell Forge Lane East
      Antioch TN 37013
       Independence Academy
       Grades: 9 & 10
       Principal: Bryan Kariuki
       5221 Hickory Hollow Pwky
       Antioch, TN 37013
KIPP Nashville Schools*
     KIPP Antioch College Prep Elementary School  Enroll
     Grades: Kindergarten
     Principal: Molly Trenkamp
     5221 Hickory Hollow Pkwy
     Antioch, TN 37013
   KIPP Academy Nashville    Enroll
   Grades 5-8
   Principal: Hada Flores
   123 Douglas Avenue
   Nashville TN 37207
   KIPP Kirkpatrick Elementary School   Enroll
   Grades K-4
   Principal: Amy Galloway
   1000 Sevier ST
   Nashville TN 37206
   615-226-4484, option 5
   KIPP Nashville College Prep    Enroll
   Grades 5-8
   Principal: Nikki Miller Olszewski
   3410 Knight Rd
   Nashville TN 37207
   615-226-4484, option 2
   KIPP Nashville College Prep Elementary  Enroll
   Grades K-2
   Principal: Christa Thomas
   3410 Knight RD
   Nashville TN 37207
   615-226-4484, option 6
   KIPP Nashville Collegiate High School  Enroll
   Grades 9-12
   Principal: Marc Gauthier
   123 Douglas Avenue
   Nashville TN 37207
   615-226-4484, option 3
KA @ The Crossings
  Knowledge Academies High School    Enroll
  Grades: 9,10,11
  Principal: Martel Graham
  5320 Hickory Hollow PKWY
  Antioch TN 37013
   Knowledge Academy      Enroll
   Principal: Elizabeth Amato
   5320 Hickory Hollow PKWY
   Antioch TN 37013
LEAD Public Schools*  Enroll Interest Form
   LEAD Brick Church
    Grades 5-8
    Principal: Dr. Katrina Frazier
    2835 Brick Church Pike
    Nashville, TN 37207
    (615) 806-6317
   LEAD Cameron College Preparatory
   Grades 5-8
   Principal: Kate Ring
   1034 1st Avenue South
   Nashville TN 37210
 LEAD Neelys Bend
Grades 5-8
1251 Neely’s Bend Road
Nashville, TN 37115
(615) 645-6461
LEAD Academy High
   Grades 9-12
   Principal: Nic Frank
   1035 1st Ave South
   LEAD College Prep Building
   Nashville TN 37210
LEAD Southeast Middle
Grades 5-8
Principal: Emma Mac
531 Metroplex Drive
Nashville, TN 37211
(615) 678-0543
LEAD Southeast High
Grades 9-10
Principal: Amy Kate Wallace
531 Metroplex Drive
Nashville, TN 37211
(615) 338-9672
Republic Charter Schools* Enroll
   Liberty Collegiate Academy
   Grades: 5-8
   Principal: Macy Bennett
   3515 Gallatin RD
   Nashville TN 37206
   Nashville Academy of Computer Science
   Grades: 5-8
   Principal: Rachel Kengeter
   3307 Brick Church Pike
   Nashville TN 37207
   Nashville Prep
  Grades: 5-8
   Principal: Matt Dempsy
   1300 56th Ave N
   Nashville TN 37209
   RePublic High School
   Grades: 9-12
   Principal: Scott Campbell
   3307 Brick Church Pike
   Nashville TN 37207
   Nashville Classical*    Enroll
   Grades: K-5
   Principal: Charlie Friedman
   1310 Ordway
   Nashville TN 37206
   New Vision Academy
   Principal: Tim Malone
   297 Plus Park Blvd
   Nashville TN 37217
   Purpose Prep*   Enroll
   Grades: K-4
   Principal: Lagra Newman
   220 Venture Circle
   Nashville TN 37228
   (615) 724-0705
Rocketship Nashville Schools*    Enroll
   Rocketship Nashville Northeast Elementary
   Grades K-4
   Principal: Jermaine Gassaway
   2526 Dickerson Rd
   Nashville TN 37207
   Rocketship United
   Grades: K-4
   Principal: Tygima Steele
   320 Plus Park BLVD
   Nashville TN 37217
   Smithson Craighead Academy*   Enroll
   Grades: K-4
   Principal: Ahmed White
   730 Neely’s Bend RD
   Madison TN 37115
STEM Prep Schools*
Dr. Kristin McGraner
   STEM Prep Academy     Enroll
   Grades: 5-8
   Principal: Karlie Driscoll
   1162 Foster Ave
   Nashville TN 37210
   (615) 921-2200
   STEM Prep High School
   Grades: 9-12
   Principal: Jon Robertson
   1162 Foster Ave
   Nashville TN 37210
   Strive Collegiate Academy*    Enroll
   Grades: 5-8
   Principal: LaKendra Butler
   3055 Lebanon RD
   Suite 300
   Nashville TN 37214
Valor Schools*
   Valor Flagship Academy     Enroll
   Grades: 5-8
   Principal: Jamie Gutter
   4527 Nollensville Rd
   Nashville TN 37211
   Valor Voyager Academy     Enroll
   Grades: 5-8
   Principal: Sarah Giblin
   4527 Nolensville Rd
   Nashville TN 37211
   Valor College Prep
   Grades: 9
   Newcomer Academy (5-9)

* Nashville Charter Collaborative Member – Public charter school leaders working together to ensure every child in Nashville has access to a high-quality public education.


4 thoughts on “It’s The Final Week To Select A School For 2019. Do Or Don’t. It’s Your Choice.

  1. This post is a good juncture to remember that Williamson County has zero choices, and that is where many Nashville families move when they get “sorry, you lose again” lottery letters.

    By having robust programs _inside_ every building, you can choose different classes when you arrive. That’s the way MNPS needs to continue to evolve.

    And, certainly, district policy of selecting score-segregted high schools based on 4th grade test scores makes no sense whatsoever. If “equity” were a concern of this district, all 8th graders would have an equal shot at a score-segregated magnet school. And, the slots at those high schools would be allocated on a geographic basis (as recommended in the district’s own unimplemented Transition Plan).

    Choice-mania is ripping apart urban public school systems across this country, accomplishing nothing measurable for students. We need to dial it back, not celebrate it.


      1. No, sorry. It is not freedom when you get a “you did not get your choice” letter. It is not freedom when you have to drive miles across town. It is not freedom when your child’s class size blows up to 35 as the budget is cut. It is not freedom when your child is placed in front of a computer screen, or worse, a “teacher” who lacks certification.

        In contrast, it is freedom from worry you get when you know your child’s school is nearby, that the environment is safe, and full of caring professionals, that your child is guaranteed a slot without question, and your district is committed, without a doubt, to making _that_ school as good as it can be. It is freedom when you know your child’s high school has every possible imaginable course for their college and career – from AP to IB to foreign languages and computer science.

        For the freedom you maybe talking about, vouchers are the _ultimate_ freedom. And, our legislature is poised to hand them to you.

        Instead of committing $10,000 a year to the education of your child, you will get a check for $6,500. That’s not freedom, not in any sense of the word that interests me.


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