Nashville Charter School Principal To Be Honored By Congressional Black Caucus

Press release by National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

Vesia’s note: We are so dang proud!

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Lagra Newman, founder and head of school at Purpose Preparatory Academy Charter School in Nashville, Tennessee will be honored at the second annual Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Charter School Leadership awards ceremony and reception for her exemplary leadership in the charter school sector.

The ceremony is open to the media and will take place on Wednesday, September 11 at the Cuba Libre restaurant in Washington, D.C. from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in conjunction with the CBC Foundation’s 49th Annual Legislative Conference. The award is sponsored by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, Diverse Charter Schools Coalition, Education Reform Now, KIPP Foundation, National Charter Collaborative, The 74, NAACP-DC chapter, Progressive Policy Institute, United Negro College Fund and Walton Family Foundation.

Lagra has proven herself a leader in the education field. Within her work in both district and charter schools, Lagra has produced impressive results of positive outcomes for students. Lagra’s experience with Teach for America (TFA) jumpstarted her career in the field. As a TFA corps teacher, Lagra received the highest rating for her students’ academic performance, and while serving as a charter school leader in Washington D.C. received the Transformer Award. This award was given to Lagra for being the highest performing teacher within her network of more than 400 teachers. As Director of Instruction, Lagra’s school was recognized within its charter network of 13 schools for achieving the highest percentage of student achievement results. Lagra was also a fellow with Building Excellent Schools.

Lagra embodies what is right about millennial school leaders in the 21st century,” said Ron C. Rice, senior director of government relations at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. “Lagra and her staff educate children through methods that gets results. Lagra runs one of the best performing schools in Nashville and has earned the praise of the community she serves. Expect to continue to hear Lagra’s name in the future as we all hope she both expands and replicates her school model throughout Tennessee and beyond.”

Lagra Newman will be honored alongside U.S. Representative William Lacy Clay (D-MO), U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), U.S. Representative Donald Payne Jr. (D-NJ), Michael Carter of Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, Dominique Lee of BRICK Charter Schools, Tysie McDowell-Ray of Crossroads Charter Schools and Jalen Rose of Jalen Rose Leadership Academy.

4 thoughts on “Nashville Charter School Principal To Be Honored By Congressional Black Caucus

  1. Praise of charter schools is not ubiquitous across the African-American community:

    It is still fascinating to me that white students have lower score results at urban charter schools vs traditional public schools:

    Click to access Urban%20Charter%20School%20Study%20Report%20on%2041%20Regions.pdf

    “Mirroring the findings for the charter sector at large, disadvantaged students tend to receive the strongest positive benefits from enrollment in urban charter schools. Black and Hispanic students, students in poverty, English language learners, and students receiving special education services all see stronger growth in urban charters than their matched peers in urban TPS. These results are partially offset, however, by the negative impact on math and reading growth experienced by White students enrolled in urban charter schools and for Native American students in math. ”

    What is it about having less-experience non-career-track teachers, computer-time, etc… that boosts scores for disadvantaged learners? I just don’t see what is driving the observations. If it is the longer school days, then that ought to boost performance of white students as well…..

    Sounds like the principal is a go-getter, congrats on the award.


    1. Thank you for acknowledging her. That’s what this post is about. No one in the Nashville community has recognized Newman’s work or this amazing honor.


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