To Democratic Debaters: A Message from Chiefs for Change and Save Our Charter Schools

For months we’ve watched Democratic presidential hopefuls tap dance to the rhetoric of powerful unions while stepping on the neck of the national network of charter school families, children and hardworking school leaders and teachers — all in the name of politics — and, sadly, with little pushback.

That changed yesterday.

On the eve of the Democratic presidential debate in Houston, TX, Chiefs for Change, a national bi-partisan organization of education leaders, released a statement to candidates disavowing “destructive debates” that pose a threat to families and choice systems across the nation.

As a bipartisan network of education leaders, we oppose attempts to undermine, misrepresent, and politicize sound school choice policies and practices that work for families and communities.

It only gets stronger from here…

Our nation’s history of redlining to separate both housing and schooling based on race and income, along with local zoning ordinances that restrict and confine affordable housing, alongside the recent wave of “school district secessions” by higher-income neighborhoods, have compounded the problem. Our nation’s children often live in neighborhoods just a short distance from each other but worlds apart in terms of school quality. This is unacceptable. Every child deserves school options where they will learn and thrive.

Then, to drive home the message, Chiefs tweeted a video of Tennessee’s commissioner of education Dr. Penny Schwinn — and I was good. ✊🏾

I approve this message. 💯

Read Chiefs for Change full statement to Democratic presidential candidates.

Later the same day…

If I was pleased that some of the most talented leaders in the country assembled their voices in an effort to redirect the national discussion around charters and choice, then I was downright giddy to see my timeline filled with parents, children, and educators in Houston advancing basically the same message as Chiefs for Change, but with mega horns!


A new movement Save Our Charter Schools organized parents and education leaders from across the country to illustrate to the debaters the real people behind the damaging rhetoric.

The families…

The educators…

Real people… who love their children and vote.

It was a good day.

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